Ways To Make Curly Pixie Cut All Your Own


A perfectly styled curly pixie cut is amongst 2019’s trendiest hairstyles around. Pixie haircuts first emerged in the hair fashion in the late sixties when Twiggy cut off her hair. Since then, a considerable number of women is embracing this style, and it has proved to be useful for the past decades.  Read this content for more insights.

The problem with many people is that they assume that you need to be Twiggy to wear this elegant hairstyle. However, sincerely speaking, this haircut is universally flattering. If you get a hairdresser who knows well how to cut your curly hair, then a curly pixie cut could be the right cut you have been looking for. This style is effortless to maintain.

  1. On-Trend Silver Curls And Shaved Undercuts,

Who thought that grey hair could be such a bold choice? This on-trend hair shade gets an update with the inclusion of soft curls on the crown and neatly shaved underneath.

The cute cut draws attention to your eyes. Choose bold silver earrings to compliment your skin complexion.

  1. Strike of White Pixie Style.

This light strike of white curls styled on the crown gives the wearer an edgy faux look. To achieve it, start by wrapping big curls around a large barrel rollers to create a standing frame of vibrant, big curls. Neatly cropped curls underneath finishes this look for a daring, unexpected look.

  1. Sleek Blonde Pixie and Side Sweep.

Many people think that for them to wear a curly pixie cut, they must shave their heads. That is not true, and this hairstyle supports that. The hair is kept elongated on the crown and short at the back.

The hair dramatically sweeps over the eyes freely for a polished and flirty look that doesn’t leave you entirely exposed. And if you want to tack the hair near your ears, this style gives you that freedom too.

  1. Curly Style and Red Tone Minimal Wave.

This is an ideal curly pixie cut for women who love changing up the touch and texture of their hair now and then. At a glance, the straight cut and deep side parting come up with a sleek and formal look for an office lady.

However, incorporating a pile of curls changes the look of the hairstyle completely, and now you can rock it for evening parties or weekend dates. It gives you a more relaxed and fun look that is playful as well.

  1. Edgy Pixie Cut for Curly Hair.

Of all our drastic and lovely hairstyles in this collection, this haircut tops the list. It is designed for those ladies who are ready to go bold and shave the underneath hair to create a side part of three different curls.

If you want to take it to a new level complement it with some tattoos on your shoulders.

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