Incorrect Beliefs About Love

– You are deceiving yourself that you love her/him, but in essence you desire?

– Is probably someone in your life that you have devoted your life to him/her?

-You love, you is not right, but even after a long time as you realized this.

– You’re human and afraid that the stress in your life because you’re not willing to tell your spouse.

– I’ve been in love feeling the difference between romances and “true love” does not know?

– Although you how much capacity is now you’re with someone who abuses will continue to live?

– The same mistake did? People into your life the way that you are not tolerable,

Instead of those with whom seemed to get easily overlooked?

If yes to the above questions, you love a victim of this nonsense have been other words, you are blind!

False beliefs about “love.”

There is nothing mythical about love in all the nations, in the formation of a series of wrong beliefs in the minds and culture of each community is that ultimately lead to a false marriage and then the discomfort and stress and family foundations will eventually divorce. These beliefs cause that cannot be the right choice and choose wisely takes away from us. In today’s world, this behavior is wrong, by the various tools into the human mind.

– TV

– Romance novels and books

– The giving of love

We cannot say that we’re not at all affected by this mode of thought,

Be sure that any ideas of how we try to avoid mistakes again,

Unconscious or conscious use of them in marriage.

Here is attempting to lethal stories about love, to be paid,

That can help us in our selection or bring destruction to our common life has been: You are not married or establish a relationship of friendship, you can just pause.

1 – True Love can take it all in an enclosed, i.e., only love is enough to live.

Following : Does True Love will solve all problems?

2 – True love comes only with the first glance there is this love that is reliable.

3 – Only have the right people in this world with a World Wide Web, or marriage relationship. The phrase is only one person you love.

4 – Your spouse is complete, and then it should be in every supply your needs.

5 – His/her sexual lust is love.


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