Gadget Your Way to Celebrate Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day celebrates love and many people across the world express their love to their near and dear ones on this day. There are many celebrations in families, and hotels and restaurants on this day. Roses and Valentine cards are seen everywhere in the market for this day On the Valentines Day, one could cook heart-felt meal for one’s beloved. Cakes or other food items can be made in heart shapes for yummy breakfast, lunch and dinner. The cake can be decorated with a strawberry top. This would make a perfect food item to suit and enhance the mood of the day. Pancakes could also follow the same shape for brunch. The rooms of the dear one could be decorated with balloons filled with heart shaped candies and tied to the chairs and table in the space. They could be tied with red ribbons and personal messages can be attached to them. An online Valentine’s card could also be sent for expressing one’s affection and warm wishes. To make the Valentine Day into an enjoyable family affair, arrange for Valentine’s Day gifts and presents in advance and surprise all early in the morning with them. A creative dish for the day, in which the kids too, could participate, is the making of red Jelly. It can be prepared with cinnamon hearts mixed in, mashed potatoes colored with pink food coloring. One could also get creative and using the imagination comes up with heart-shaped cookies and other similar recipes. The Scavenger Hunt game customized for the Valentine’s Day can be played by all members of the family. One could write notes expressing thoughts and feelings for different members of the family and hide them amidst candies in different parts of the house.

The day can also be spent for the less fortunate such as orphans or the old age hopes and distributes sweets and cakes or muffins to them. They all ought to feel loved and you highly what if you have to spend the special day all alone? Making full use of the time and the occasion it could well serve to pamper your own self. Go for a candlelit bubble bath, then enjoy cooking in your warm kitchen the food stuff that you relish the most and the with the special food watch the latest comedy video. The Valentine’s Day celebration done in this manner would see many go green with envy. The special day could also mean some grit outdoor fun with going out with family and friends for picnic fun. Spread mats with hearts on them and prepare a special Valentine’s Day dinner menus to cater to the taste of all. On the Valentine’s Day party eve, have a cozy get together party with close friends and family members. Set the mood with some a theme based on Italian Romance. Play some nice soft numbers from the Italian love songs collection and serve the best Italian vino. Then offer some fresh canoli from the pastry shop and cups of amaretto-flavored coffee for to experience a superb taste sensation. Spray the rooms with some splendid room perfumes and let the party be absolute Valentine fun.

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Creating a Successful System For Love

I want to encourage you to do something that helps me achieve incredible success in my own life and in supporting the people that I coach. And that is to put into place a well designed system in the area or areas of love and relationship that you would love to create more success.

For instance, if you want to create more loving, clear, supportive communication with a loved one you would put into place a system by which you can check in to see if you and your partner are on the right track.

Let’s say you set up a new communication system with your lover that you both agree upon looks like this:

1. You need to communicate something important.

2. You ask your partner when would be a good time to talk about this important issue. She/He lets you know a time. You have a date for communication– either that moment, or later that day.

3. You communicate in a loving, honoring, and honest way expressing how you feel rather than placing blame towards your partner.

4. Your partner listens with receptivity.

5. You then listen to how your partner feels in a receptive manner.

6. From your conversation you create a new system that can honor your differences as well as support the health of your relationship, such as an agreement to give each other a loving kiss, hug and/or loving words prior to going to sleep instead of what’s been frustrating you and then going to bed in two different worlds.

More often than not the areas where we experience the most frustration, whether it be in communication or qualified dating possibilities, is where there are all kinds of unconscious cobwebs that have not been clearly looked at, resolved, and cleaned out. After doing this you can become more internally organized which reflects externally for health and love to flow.

I have too often heard from people that they want to meet a wonderful partner who they can enjoy spending their life with, but that same person does everything contrary to what a qualified partner would actually look for in a mate. Things like dating many men or women at one time, needing the attention of other women or men than the person you are out on a date with, being dishonest about your age, financial status, or background. A qualified partner can detect these behaviors as an unsound relationship investment and turn and run in the opposite direction.

To create a new successful dating system:

1. Recognize what you really want in a partner.

2. Put your relationship past to rest by clearing up your old emotions.

3. Don’t go out with everyone who asks. Be discerning about which dates will bring you health, energy and joy.

4. Be positive, honest, and self-confident all the time. You will be impressed by how many people will start to ask if they can set you up with a “wonderful person.”

Systems work for creating successful relationships. Make them help you create the great relationship you desire.

Respect In Relationship – 7 Ways To Gain It

Respect in relationship is accepting the differences of one another no matter what it takes. Underestimating each one’s capabilities and limitations is not RESPECT at all. Love without respect is useless. Love and respect go hand in hand as one cannot exist without the other. Really, how much do you love someone as much as you respect him?

Part of going into the process of the relationship is to see the real persona of each other on the best and worse times. You will both discover what are your flaws, bad habits and even your immaturities. More so, flaws are part of married life, and the ability to accept those are opening doors for respect. Just be careful of being comfortable with knowing each other because you never know disrespect is becoming part of the relationship; be aware of it! Truly, it is always best to earn respect from each other as love will never cease to grow.

1. Be the person you are

Being real gives an indication to your partner that you are sincere with your words and actions. Never give your partner any reason to doubt your genuineness so always learn to be real. As such, it allows for the respect to arise.

2.  Respect begets respect

Learn to gain respect within yourself and you can then respect others. The ability to respect yourself should be coming from what is inside of you. You cannot expect your partner to respect you when you are not worthy to be respected as a person. Think of your acts.

3. Be proactive in the relationship; take your part

It is always two to tango, and so working together towards the betterment of the relationship is far better than only ONE is doing everything to keep it. Two parties have to be involved on either saving or reaching out the damaged relationship. Always show to your partner that you have always been there through the good and bad times. Respect will be out of the picture when you are always passive.

4. Be attractive

This doesn’t mean that you will be wearing fascinating clothes and heavy make-up. Make him/her feel that you have never changed, that you are still the person he/she loved and cared for. So, when you were sweet, witty and respectful as ever, make him feel that you are still the same.

5. Learn to be self-determining and be TRUE

To be independent means you have the capacity to deal with things on your own. Most partners respect those who can stand with their decisions

Honesty is also an important tool to earn someone’s respect. It is with honesty that you are able to share all your views, opinions, feelings and sentiments to your partner which in turn giving him the respect you have always been desiring.

6. Do what makes you happy

Relationship doesn’t mean that you have to be overly dependent and clingy to your partner all the time, as when you does, you will not have his respect. Make time for yourself, to enjoy the life in you and to always try to be the best for yourself and to your partner.

7. Listen

One important for an effective communication is listening as it helps you gather significant thoughts and feelings from your parter and vice versa. It is not all the time that you talk over an argument, it is also best to listen to your partner, his or her views and opinions so that the process of communication is followed and at the same time your partner appreciates you for respecting him or her through listening.

The respect in relationship is not only applied to a couple but it is also applied to your friends, family, and others. We can actually find respect anywhere in the world but it can only be felt by persons who have been reverential and are worthy of respect. More so, it is because of respect that there exist a good and lasting relationship. It not just simply saying that you respect; it is more like putting it into practice. It has to be understood that in going through the process of the relationship, respect can be learned which takes time. Indeed, planting respect in life can make you better and wiser as a person.

Happy Mother's Day!

For over a week now, I have been fostering a mother cat with her four kittens from the Sonsini shelter. I have been amazed by the patience, the commitment, focus, as well as the clear boundaries that “mama” has for her 4 kittens. She seems to always keep an eye out for her family, even though at times she looks truly exhausted and all she wants to do is sleep.

She will let them play with her tail, climb all over her, and let them nurse. At other times, she will walk away, clearly indicating that she is no longer available. She will climb on high places where she cannot be reached, and after a few meows of protest, the babies will move on and begin to play with each other, eat, or go to sleep.

Unlike cats, we human beings will take 25 years to have a fully developed adult brain. In both cases though, a lot happens in the earlier years in fact, everything happens for us in the first 7 years of our life when it comes down to attachment, how we form our sense of self, and how we relate to the world.

A few years ago, Dan and I, fostered girls and learned a great deal about the “lack of mothering,” and the impact that it has on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). I saw in “full action” through teenage “acting out,” the difficulty that these girls were facing in establishing a basic healthy relationship to their body, themselves, and others, that was respectful, self-caring, and nurturing. It led me to read and educate myself on the concepts of attachment disorders, and how to re-build the bond. I came to believe that it is possible to begin a new kind of mothering (with the help of current healthy relationships with others), and to mend the broken heart with patience.

All self-abandonment is a reflection of the abandonment that we suffered. When I work with women and their food issues or self-esteem issues, I support them in believing that they truly can have what they want in career and life. I help them bridge the gap between what has been missing and what is needed to supplement for that internal support. This situation is very close to me and I can only teach what I have learned. At age 8, I was placed in a foster home with my brother (which was then followed by two others), until I decided to live onmy own when I was 16 years old.

Love Advice – Soulmates

‘How do you determine if someone is actually your soulmate?’

Determining if someone is your soulmate is not an intellectual exercise. It is a knowing and you know quickly. You know in the first meeting, the second meeting and the third meeting. It’s a yes, it’s a yes, it’s a yes. What we often do is we meet a good person and there’s a lot of good people out there for us. And we fall into a relationship and it’s good. You know, it’s trying. It’s you know a maybe. It’s I’ve got a pro list and a con list. If you have you had to go through your pro list and your con list that is not your soulmate!

Good people for us do not make the right match. For it to be your soulmate, it has to be a match. And how do you know if it is a match? Well, you have to know your own soul and who you are as a person. Who are you authentically? Who you are in love? Who are you intellectually? Who are you as a spirit? Who are you physically? When you know that, you know your soul. And it’s so much easier to identify your soulmate. It’s much clearer. And as I said, it’s instant. This knowing is instantaneous.

You feel at ease. You feel comfortable. You feel like you can share your soul with that person. And it doesn’t feel hard. It doesn’t feel like a strain. It doesn’t feel like there’s all this tension. Be aware it’s not about physical chemistry. Physical chemistry is included but that’s not the knowing. It’s not like wow! I’m really attracted to this person sexually. No, it’s not about that. It’s like wow! This person and I truly know each other. We know each other. It’s a hit. It’s amazing and we’re going to keep growing and growing and having more fun and more fun.

So, I encourage you to know your own soul. That way you can identify your soulmate. Move from that good person to a true match that is your soulmate and really focus on knowing. Knowing in the first, second and third time that you meet, that this is your soulmate.

And I have two ways for you to connect to your soulmate right now. One of them is, if you’re looking for your soulmate, go to Sacred Love Dating on and fill out a profile so you can get started right away.

And if you have already found your soulmate, go to Couples Connection on and start connecting in more fun, in more fulfilling intimate ways today.