Ways To Make Curly Pixie Cut All Your Own


A perfectly styled curly pixie cut is amongst 2019’s trendiest hairstyles around. Pixie haircuts first emerged in the hair fashion in the late sixties when Twiggy cut off her hair. Since then, a considerable number of women is embracing this style, and it has proved to be useful for the past decades.  Read this content for more insights.

The problem with many people is that they assume that you need to be Twiggy to wear this elegant hairstyle. However, sincerely speaking, this haircut is universally flattering. If you get a hairdresser who knows well how to cut your curly hair, then a curly pixie cut could be the right cut you have been looking for. This style is effortless to maintain.

  1. On-Trend Silver Curls And Shaved Undercuts,

Who thought that grey hair could be such a bold choice? This on-trend hair shade gets an update with the inclusion of soft curls on the crown and neatly shaved underneath.

The cute cut draws attention to your eyes. Choose bold silver earrings to compliment your skin complexion.

  1. Strike of White Pixie Style.

This light strike of white curls styled on the crown gives the wearer an edgy faux look. To achieve it, start by wrapping big curls around a large barrel rollers to create a standing frame of vibrant, big curls. Neatly cropped curls underneath finishes this look for a daring, unexpected look.

  1. Sleek Blonde Pixie and Side Sweep.

Many people think that for them to wear a curly pixie cut, they must shave their heads. That is not true, and this hairstyle supports that. The hair is kept elongated on the crown and short at the back.

The hair dramatically sweeps over the eyes freely for a polished and flirty look that doesn’t leave you entirely exposed. And if you want to tack the hair near your ears, this style gives you that freedom too.

  1. Curly Style and Red Tone Minimal Wave.

This is an ideal curly pixie cut for women who love changing up the touch and texture of their hair now and then. At a glance, the straight cut and deep side parting come up with a sleek and formal look for an office lady.

However, incorporating a pile of curls changes the look of the hairstyle completely, and now you can rock it for evening parties or weekend dates. It gives you a more relaxed and fun look that is playful as well.

  1. Edgy Pixie Cut for Curly Hair.

Of all our drastic and lovely hairstyles in this collection, this haircut tops the list. It is designed for those ladies who are ready to go bold and shave the underneath hair to create a side part of three different curls.

If you want to take it to a new level complement it with some tattoos on your shoulders.

Messages in Bottle Inspire Cape Cod Woman Faith

PROVINCETOWN – Fate uncorked a doozy last week at the Cape tip. Kimberly “Jaia” Snyder found three messages in one bottle at the edge of Provincetown Harbor. “I had the blues,” recalled Snyder. “And I went down to the beach to do my usual morning exercises.” Something uplifting and translucent was waiting. A bottle stood on part of a sea wall. “I could see right through the green glass to the message,” said Snyder. “And I thought maybe it’s like a treasure map or some important papers. It could have been anything.” Snyder took the bottle home. A dramatic decanting ensued.

“I got the cork, out and I spent probably 20 minutes trying to get the message out with a chopstick and then an oyster knife and a steak knife and it was tearing up the paper,” said Snyder. “So I put it in a paper bag and brought it outside and smashed it with a brick.” Among the shards were three messages, detailing a strange journey powered by the vagaries of the Atlantic. The bottle was first launched from New Harbor, Maine, in September 2009 by two lifelong friends on vacation.

Jean Nicholson, 70, of Crossville, Tenn., said she and her friend Bonnie Ferguson, 65, of Big Rapids, Mich., were inspired by the bucolic setting and the 1999 Kevin Costner movie “Message in a Bottle,” partly filmed in New Harbor. The pair decided to launch a bottle, with a note that included the lines, “the ocean lulls us to sleep – peace is here, for all those who take it in. Savor the moments forever.” In December 2009, the bottle was found along Cape Cod Bay in Barnstable. It was given to Katie Carey, a second-grade teacher at Barnstable-West Barnstable Elementary School, who took it to class. Talk about teachable moments: Here was a chance to learn geography and practice letter writing! Students penned notes to Nicholson and Ferguson and received letters back. A fine friendship was formed. “We were reaching out to people we didn’t know, and they responded so generously and kindly,” said Carey. “We’re making a whole chain of friends just through this bottle,” Nicholson said.

The students added a note to the bottle and Carey plunked it back into the water at Craigville Beach in Centerville. Then something weird happened. Somehow, the bottle spun around the Cape, coming to rest on Sandy Neck, back along Cape Cod Bay, where it was found by Bill and Ann Monroe in August 2010. According to their note, the Monroes relaunched the now-jam-packed bottle on Labor Day weekend in 2010. More than a year later, Snyder found it in Provincetown. “There’s something about it that is just classically magical – like storybook and exciting,” said Snyder, who said she has been considerably cheered by her glassy adventure. “I think people love connection and people love to know there are always ways to connect, no matter what.” Snyder has acquired a new bottle, plans to place the three messages inside, add one of her own and release it soon. “It’s the message that matters,” she said.

By Associated Press

Send a message in a bottle through the postal seas, to a friend or loved one, destine to become an instant keepsake and a beacon of your love and friendship. Each time their eyes gaze upon their message in a bottle, they will be filled with warmth and inspired. The Original Message in a Bottle shop has been sending bottles with messages into the postal seas for thirteen years. Stop take a moment and send a message in a bottle to a special friend today.

Once in a lifetime, you’ll find someone who loves you for who you are, no matter what your faults may be.

Once in a lifetime, you’ll find someone who will tell you the truth about everything, even if they’re afraid you won’t like what you hear.

Once in a lifetime, you’ll find someone who knows you better than you know yourself, and can always tell when you need a lift.

Once in a lifetime, you’ll find someone who can make you smile, even when your world seems like it’s crumbling around you.

I know I’ll never find a true love like you again, because it only happens once in a lifetime. message in a bottle, bottle, message, bottle message The Original Message in a Bottle shop founded in 1998 offers message in a bottle gifts, invitations and kits for the do it yourselfer.

Send a message in a bottle today and it will become a beacon of your emotions and a connection that can’t be broken.

Love Your Love Life

One of my friends had shred this experience for her with me where she felt like a very sharp pain inside her heart which she could no longer bear and she also honestly confessed to me at that point of time or even at some points of time, she sometimes feels like ending her life. I asked her why this happened to her , then she answered that her parents dead of plane crash when she was in her teens and her aunt brought her up and as soon as she finished her university, she found a job that paid her good money. Then she continued that all her school life and even during her college life, she was so busy studying because she was good at it. She was interested in knowing so many new things around her which caught her interest; ultimately she became a book worm and had not much friend expect a few other book worms to share their books with her. She had never thought of having a boy friend and make new friends to hang out in parties with them. But now she is very successful in her professional life and now has enough money to buy a house for herself and car, but she lives all alone with them. I am the only friend she has with whom she can share all her problems and achievements. But she is feeling very lonely and she is looking for a love mate. But she is not able to find one and feels very bad when she sees somebody else in couples.

I just listened patiently and when she finished in tears, I just smiled a little when she finished. Surprisingly she said why I was smiling and then I told her that your problem is very genuine but very simple to solve. She wondered, I continued and told her to put her profile up on a dating site which does matchmaking and finds the mate for her. Then she inquired how they worked. I answered that the online dating sites are useful for those man soker kvinna and woman who are looking for the right man of their lives. Dating site is medium which brings together both of them on the same platform. She looked very happy on the sound of it. And while in tears she smiled and said in a whisper Thanks I will do that.

How to Write a Romantic And Sentimental Love Letter

Have you ever tried writing a love letter but were unsuccessful? Why is writing about one’s own feelings such a challenge to us? Here are some tips to help you write a good love letter.

Be honest. Exaggerating or even fibbing just to impress the other person is never a good idea. Remember that you’re writing this letter to tell your object of interest or your partner why and how much you like don’t have to impress anyone.

Write clearly. Be precise and (rather) concise. A love letter doesn’t have to be a hundred pages long to be a success. State your feelings clearly and try structuring your text a bit so the reader can follow your points. Your love letter doesn’t have to be all structured out like an academic essay but it should have some structure to divide it into parts, and those parts should have a logical order. Clearly, you might be overflowing with ideas and emotions while you’re writing your text but it’s best to leave it for a day and reread it, not only to eliminate occasional mistakes.

Be romantic. This might sound obvious but some people confuse being romantic with using kitschy and cheesy phrases they have heard in a soap opera. Of course you can use a line from your favourite film or book to express yourself but don’t overdo it. However, it is best to stick to your own words because you can say things more clearly and you can say them just the way would like to.

Be poetic. You can either use poetic vocabulary or rhyme or even use love poems in your letter. Poems about love are numerous so you have a huge variety to choose from. Try searching online databases that do provide love poems. Whatever love poem you choose, try selecting one that fits your situation and/or feelings as accurately as possible. If you can’t find any, just try writing a little love sonnet or love poem yourself!

Don’t type it out on your computer. Handwritten letters that include poems about love, even if your handwriting isn’t the most beautiful, are much more personal and show that you’ve taken some effort in designing it. Moreover, handwritten texts are special in our age of computerised communication and have a very pleasing aspect of tradition and antiques.

With these tips writing you won’t be shying away from writing a love letter or a romantic love poem. Enjoy doing it and just wait for the response!

Spread Love And Send Valentine Flowers to India

Perhaps the most delicate natural phenomenon, flowers are equally powerful when used on the right occasion. Valentine’s Day is your big day when you want to send your wishes to your dearly ones. It is this time of the year when you want to restate your love to your partner and to say it at full volume,Valentine flowers are the best options for you. This season of romance, send Valentine flowers to your love and let your romantic message ring in her heart.

Valentine Day Flowers

Those who claim that there is no soul in flowers, they need to think again. All makes of nature carry untainted soul in them and therefore, when it comes to express your pure emotions, flowers, the most soulful nature product, have no equal. For Valentine 2012, lovers wish to confess their love in an unforgettable way, and inadvertently they rely on Valentine flowers, which help them voice their feelings in a most subtle manner. And more often than not, this flower formula does not fail; especially you have to convince your cutie who is annoyed. Even if she has a heart of stone (there are thin chances, though), she will accept your proposal with a smiling face.

Valentine Flowers

Valentine Flowers can build a bridge between two separated souls – whether they are geographically far away or emotionally estranged. For such couples, red roses are the best remedy. If one of them is not in India, s/he can send Valentine flowers to India from any online shopping portal, and promise his or her love. Maybe your partner, who is on bad terms with you, forgets the past and accepts your appeal to reunite. Go ahead and take up this tried and tested technique. And who knows, maybe luck is smiling on you and you win the heart of your partner.

Valentine Flower Bunch/ Bouquet

When a few carnations are not enough, send a bunch or a bouquet of Valentine flowers to your love interest. Drench her with your love potion so that for the entire year ahead, she will reciprocate with the same passion. Your Valentines Day flowers and bouquets will leave no stone unturned in expressing your real sentiments. If you are away from your flame, you can send Valentine flowers to India via online shopping portals; express delivery of these shopping portals can entertain your last-minute orders. Moreover, last mile delivery ensures safe delivery of your Valentine gifts.

Valentine Flower Basket

February is a month of romance, and what a perfect month it is! Winter has mitigated its harshness and summer is still waving from a distance; part-cool and part-hot, the season is an ideal atmosphere for romance to bloom. Spring covers the rows of trees with myriad fresh flowers; cool breeze sings romantic melodies in the ears of flowers and afternoon sun pours down golden rays on the glittering surface of streets. And the Cupid, friend of spring, strikes with his arrows on lovers. So how can they escape such a romantic attack? Lovers succumb to this raid of romance and indulge in the romantic activities; and suddenly a gift-giving epidemic breaks out and the viral infection spreads like a wild fire.