Love Your Love Life

One of my friends had shred this experience for her with me where she felt like a very sharp pain inside her heart which she could no longer bear and she also honestly confessed to me at that point of time or even at some points of time, she sometimes feels like ending her life. I asked her why this happened to her , then she answered that her parents dead of plane crash when she was in her teens and her aunt brought her up and as soon as she finished her university, she found a job that paid her good money. Then she continued that all her school life and even during her college life, she was so busy studying because she was good at it. She was interested in knowing so many new things around her which caught her interest; ultimately she became a book worm and had not much friend expect a few other book worms to share their books with her. She had never thought of having a boy friend and make new friends to hang out in parties with them. But now she is very successful in her professional life and now has enough money to buy a house for herself and car, but she lives all alone with them. I am the only friend she has with whom she can share all her problems and achievements. But she is feeling very lonely and she is looking for a love mate. But she is not able to find one and feels very bad when she sees somebody else in couples.

I just listened patiently and when she finished in tears, I just smiled a little when she finished. Surprisingly she said why I was smiling and then I told her that your problem is very genuine but very simple to solve. She wondered, I continued and told her to put her profile up on a dating site which does matchmaking and finds the mate for her. Then she inquired how they worked. I answered that the online dating sites are useful for those man soker kvinna and woman who are looking for the right man of their lives. Dating site is medium which brings together both of them on the same platform. She looked very happy on the sound of it. And while in tears she smiled and said in a whisper Thanks I will do that.