Love Advice – Soulmates

‘How do you determine if someone is actually your soulmate?’

Determining if someone is your soulmate is not an intellectual exercise. It is a knowing and you know quickly. You know in the first meeting, the second meeting and the third meeting. It’s a yes, it’s a yes, it’s a yes. What we often do is we meet a good person and there’s a lot of good people out there for us. And we fall into a relationship and it’s good. You know, it’s trying. It’s you know a maybe. It’s I’ve got a pro list and a con list. If you have you had to go through your pro list and your con list that is not your soulmate!

Good people for us do not make the right match. For it to be your soulmate, it has to be a match. And how do you know if it is a match? Well, you have to know your own soul and who you are as a person. Who are you authentically? Who you are in love? Who are you intellectually? Who are you as a spirit? Who are you physically? When you know that, you know your soul. And it’s so much easier to identify your soulmate. It’s much clearer. And as I said, it’s instant. This knowing is instantaneous.

You feel at ease. You feel comfortable. You feel like you can share your soul with that person. And it doesn’t feel hard. It doesn’t feel like a strain. It doesn’t feel like there’s all this tension. Be aware it’s not about physical chemistry. Physical chemistry is included but that’s not the knowing. It’s not like wow! I’m really attracted to this person sexually. No, it’s not about that. It’s like wow! This person and I truly know each other. We know each other. It’s a hit. It’s amazing and we’re going to keep growing and growing and having more fun and more fun.

So, I encourage you to know your own soul. That way you can identify your soulmate. Move from that good person to a true match that is your soulmate and really focus on knowing. Knowing in the first, second and third time that you meet, that this is your soulmate.

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